How can I help?

OK, MPUI is great software (YMMV), but it is far from perfect. If you have some spare time and are willing to help MPUI to become even better, here is what you can do.


First of all, please mail me about your experiences or problems you had with MPUI. I'd also like to read suggestions for new features or improvements on the existing ones.

Program translations

If you download the source code package of MPUI, feel free to have a look at the mo_??.pas files and create a new file in your own native language. But be prepared for some amount of maintenance – the texts sometimes change, or new ones will be added!

Website translations

You can also translate the MPUI website into your language. If you want to do that, please note that ...

Website and documentation improvements

If you have some corrections or additions for this website or general MPUI documentation, or you are even willing to completely maintain it, please let me know.


If you really dare to, you can also directly send patches to the MPUI source code, subject to the following recommendations: